About Us

What’s up y’all! My name is Alyssa, but most people just call me Lyss.  Whether you’ve seen me around town or in photographs, there is still only a 1 in 3 chance it was me.  You see, my mom and my aunt are twins!  They are my very best friends and account for most of my inspiration to found this company. They each have had a huge impact on my life. Many of you know that my mom had me at the young age of 18.  She sacrificed her whole life to raise me and she is truly the most amazing mom anyone could ask for.  Meanwhile, my aunt tirelessly dedicated herself to supporting my mom and me, providing love and care when we needed it most.  She loves and treats me as her own. I don’t know where I would be without either of them!  God has blessed me with more than I deserve for sure!

Anyway, as I was growing up, people would constantly stop and ask us about what we wore, our hair or make-up and accessories.  So, we have often discussed creating a must-have look for all.  I have had a “passion for fashion” since I was a little girl. Now as a woman seeking to make good on a dream, I am determined to contribute to women being able to love themselves and have the confidence they deserve.

 All women deserve to feel strong and confident every day of their life, but too many in our community don’t feel this way for various reasons. One of them is that they are constantly put down by others, emotionally abused, or are victims of domestic violence. That said, I want to bring us together and make a difference in more ways than one, and here is how we do it: Love Lyss will donate a portion of the profits to SafeHaven, an amazing local women’s shelter where women and their children can find a caring, safe space to escape domestic violence. It is something very dear to my heart as I know people close to me who have suffered from this. The strength and determination these women have demonstrated to make a better life for their family and the wonderful opportunities the SafeHaven staff provides are so inspiring.  So, just know that shopping with us is shopping with a true purpose.


Love, Lyss